The Biden administration has advanced a significant shift in U.S. climate policy that prioritizes clean energy jobs and reductions in carbon emissions as well as an effort to protect communities against inevitable climate-related events. Industry, too, from energy to auto, is committing to changes that cut back on emissions and spur on a cleaner economy. 

Cornell University experts are available to weigh in on these developments, offering perspectives on policy, economics, industry, climate science, environmental conservation and more. The following researchers are some available for comment and a longer list of experts can be found here.

Lara Skinner, heads the Worker Institute’s Labor Leading on Climate Initiative at Cornell and  studies clean energy transitions and their impact on labor and employment.

Linda Shi, an urban environmental planner and assistant professor of city and regional planning, researches how cities adapt to climate change and can comment on efforts within the Biden administration to prioritize climate adaptation.

Arthur Wheaton is an expert on the automotive industry and can comment on industry developments related to electric vehicles and emissions.

Robert Howarth, a professor of ecology and environmental biology, studies the environmental impacts from the oil and gas industry. Howarth authored a study in Biogeosciences demonstrating that increased emissions from the oil and gas industry prompted a global spike in atmospheric methane.

Natalie Mahowald is a climate scientist, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and a lead author of a landmark United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report that emphasized the need for “unprecedented” actions to avoid a climate-change crisis by 2040.

Jefferson Tester is a professor of sustainable energy systems and principal scientist for Cornell's Earth Source Heat project — an effort to use Earth's internal heat to warm Cornell's campus. Tester researches geothermal and biomass energy and environmental control technologies. 

Shanjun Li is an expert in environmental, energy and resource economics and policy and a professor in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Li is also co-director of Cornell Institute for China Economic Research (CICER).

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