Experts from North Carolina State University can offer insight into key issues facing House and Senate candidates in the 2014 midterm elections, including issues relating to race, gender, and the economy.

Dr. Steven Greene, associate professor of political science, 919/513-0520 or [email protected], is an expert on campaigns, gender and politics, public opinion and the media.

Dr. Andrew Taylor, professor of political science, 919/515-8618 or [email protected], is an expert on national politics and policy. Taylor can discuss the U.S. Congress, North Carolina politics, campaigns and public policy.

Dr. Michael Cobb, associate professor of political science, 919/513-3709 or [email protected], is an authority on polling, celebrity politics and survey research. He also studies the impact of election laws, particularly in the context of race.

Dr. Michael Walden, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 919/515-4671 or [email protected], is an expert on economic policy who can address questions regarding the national and North Carolina economies.