University of Oregon experts can comment on a range of issues around the Omnibus spending bill.

  • Increased Spending for Behavioral and Mental Health Programs
    Psychology professors Maureen Zalewski, Elizabeth Skowron, Jennifer Pfeifer, Elliot Berkman and Nick Allen are experts in children’s behavioral health. Laura Lee McIntyre is an academic expert in mental health, autism, obesity, children, families, youth, teens, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The University of Oregon recently announced the launch of The Ballmer Institute for Children’s Behavioral Health, a bold new approach to addressing the behavioral and mental health care needs of Oregon’s children.
  • Federal Push for STEM hiring
    Political economist Gordon Lafer can talk about impacts of this push on the labor force.
  • Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act/Build Back Better
    Ben Clark, associate professor of planning, public policy and management, studies public budgeting and finance, public management, public administration and 311 systems.
  • Economic Impact
    Economist Tim Duy is an academic expert in the US macroeconomy (topics such as unemployment, inflation, GDP, etc.).
  • Earthquake Early Warning/ShakeAlert - $28.6 million
    Geophysicist Doug Toomey can talk about funding for Earthquake Early Warning/ShakeAlert. The University of Oregon operates the Oregon portion of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN), a tier 2 seismic sensor network through Toomey’s OHAZ Lab. Any sensors for earthquake warning also support PNSN’s seismic capabilities that are used by numerous faculty for other types of scientific research. The bill enables recurring funding to operations for the sensors in addition to new investments.
  • Joint Fire Science Program
    Forest, wildfire, and rural policy scholar Cass Moseley is a leader in the field and a leader in assembling a national coalition to support funding. The Build Back Better package includes an additional $16 million for Joint Fire Science Program.