During Wednesday night’s commander-in-chief forum, Donald Trump said the resignation of Mexico’s finance minister spoke to his foreign policy credentials. Gustavo Flores-Macías, professor of government at Cornell University and former director of public affairs in Mexico’s Consumer Protection Agency, says that the replacement of Mexico’s finance minister is far from a campaign victory for Trump.
Bio: http://government.arts.cornell.edu/faculty/flores-macias/
Flores-Macías says:
“Donald Trump has characterized the resignation of Mexico’s finance minister as a campaign victory derived from his visit to that country. However, the move by president Peña Nieto to replace Minister Videgaray is more an indication of the magnitude of the Mexican government’s strategic mistake than anything that Trump might have done or said during the visit.
“The cabinet shuffle comes from the realization that inviting Trump only provided him with a major foreign policy forum, while severely damaging Peña Nieto’s already low popularity.
“The prospect of a Trump presidency is seen as extremely problematic for Mexican interests across the political spectrum in Mexico, and many Mexicans felt insulted by the invitation to Trump given his xenophobic remarks.”
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