• Matthew Pietryka(Best availability: Mostly free Mon. & Wed.)Assistant Professor of political science: (530) 574-­6175, [email protected] or [email protected]Pietryka's research focuses on understanding how the social and political contexts of lifeinfluence the political attitudes and behavior of individuals. In particular, he studies how political discussion with friends and family can affect individual political behavior.

• Deana Rohlinger(Best availability: Daily 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.)Associate Professor of sociology: (850) 644-­2493; [email protected]Deana A. Rohlinger is a Professor of Sociology at Florida State University. She studies politicsand participation in America.

• Carol Weissert(Broad availability)LeRoy Collins Eminent Scholar Chair, Professor of political science: (850) 644-­7320 or(850) 297-­0111;; [email protected]Weissert teaches American national and state politics. Her research interests include Floridapolitics, elections, intergovernmental relations, federalism and health policy.

•Davis Houck(Best availability: Mon. & Wed. after 3 p.m., anytime on Tuesday)Professor of communication: (850) 644-­1607 or (850) 980-­2656;; [email protected]Houck can discuss political advertising, news coverage and speech making. He is an expert onthe American civil rights movement, war rhetoric, propaganda and media campaigns.

• Randall G. Holcombe(Best availability: Daily in the afternoon)DeVoe L. Moore Professor of Economics: (850) 644­7095, [email protected]Holcombe can discuss the effect of government activity on economic growth. He says bothClinton and Trump have taken economic positions that would harm our economy.

• Milton H. Marquis(Broad availability)Professor of economicsz: (850) 645-­1526, [email protected]Marquis, who served the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as Research Department senior economist from 2000 to 2003 and as visiting scholar in 2005-­2006 and 2009, can discuss national economic issues, including monetary theory and policy, and macroeconomic theory, which relates to taxes and budget deficits.

• Franita Tolson(Best availability: Monday late afternoon, Tuesday before 11 a.m. and after 12:30 p.m.)Betty T. Ferguson Professor of Voting Rights: (850) 644-­7402, [email protected]Tolson can discuss campaign strategy, issues most likely to affect the election outcome, thepolitics of swing states, and any other matters that are of importance to the election.

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