Kelly Dineen, JD, PhD, is a legal expert in health care at Creighton University available to discuss current issues in health care law and medical ethics, including the Senate’s ongoing efforts to repeals parts of the Affordable Care Act, the Charlie Gard case, and recent developments in the Jahi McMath case.

Kelly K. Dineen, new director of the health law program at Creighton and assistant professor of law, can provide contextual information on these and other health care issues.
She can be reached at [email protected] or 314-566-8271.
Dineen’s research focuses on health policy and ethics, especailly on health care professional decision making, opioid policy, and the treatment of people with highly stigmatized conditions in the health care system—including those with chronic pain and substance abuse disorders.

She practiced nursing for 11 years, first in a neurosurgical and transplant ICU and later in a specialty neurosurgical practice working with patients with chronic pain and movement disorders. She also holds a JD with a specialty in health care law and a PhD in health care ethics. She is widely quoted in the media about health care issues, including the Washington Post and Vice News.