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Professor Scott Lucas BA, PhDmore info at Lucas became Professor of International Politics in 2014, having been on the staff of the University of Birmingham since 1989 and a Professor of American Studies since 1997.

He began his career as a specialist in US and British foreign policy, but his research interests now also cover current international affairs --- especially North Africa, the Middle East, and Iran --- New Media, and Intelligence Services.

A professional journalist since 1979, Professor Lucas is the founder and editor of EA WorldView, a leading website in daily news and analysis of Iran, Turkey, Syria, and the wider Middle East, as well as US foreign policy.

Dr Adam Quinnmore info at Quinn joined the POLSIS Department as a Lecturer in January 2009, having previously worked as a Lecturer the University of Leicester. He obtained his doctorate at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2008. He became Senior Lecturer in International Politics in 2013.

His primary area of interest is American grand strategy, especially the relationship between America's relative power in the international system and its internal ideological debates over foreign policy. He is also interested in International Relations theory, especially realist approaches. His first book, US Foreign Policy in Context: National Ideology from the Founders to the Bush Doctrine (2010), sought to locate the National Security Strategy of the George W. Bush administration within the long-term context of American thinking about international order.