Seeking data and research-based expertise to strengthen coverage of protests and violence at the U.S. Capitol? California State University, Fullerton experts can offer comments and research data regarding policing policy, use of force, body cameras, and the unprecedented training for law enforcement in anticipation of  the 2020 election and civil unrest.

Phillip Kopp is an expert in policing, use of force, and the use of body-worn cameras. His research also includes studies on burglary violence and stereotypes of police in prime-time network television. Kopp is an assistant professor of criminal justice.

Christine Gardiner can speak to the unprecedented training and preparation by the nation’s 18,000 police agencies prior to Election Day and in anticipation of the civil unrest that continues.

Gardiner can also comment on California Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s proposed AB-89 to require law enforcement officers be a least 25 or have a bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree from an accredited college or university. A national study by Christine Gardiner, professor of criminal justice at Cal State Fullerton, Policing around the Nation: Education, Philosophy, and Practice, shows the role of higher education in policing. Her statewide study shows California has more college-educated officers than most places across the nation.