Personality Styles Expert Available for Commentary: Merrick Rosenberg, CEO and co-founder of Take Flight Learning, the leading DISC training company in the United States.

Personality plays out in everything we do and Merrick Rosenberg can offer a unique perspective on topics related to business and relationships or current events. Merrick has trained tens of thousands of people in his reimagined version of the personality styles. By linking the classic personality types to four birds (eagles, parrots, doves and owls), he revolutionized how individuals see themselves and the people in their lives.

He is an experienced author, speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur and as the CEO of Take Flight Learning, he has worked with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. Merrick has been a featured guest on television and radio shows across the country and is a thought leader whose wisdom is often sought to help make sense of trends and events.

For example, Rosenberg’s response to President Trump's behavior is:

“Donald Trump is the Eagle personality style

At a healthy level, Eagles are confident, assertive and direct. Their competitive nature drives them to succeed. And like a soaring Eagle, they look down from high above - the proverbial 30,000-foot view - and do not care to be concerned with details and carefully constructed plans. 

When you turn up the dial on Eagle behaviors, confidence becomes arrogance, assertiveness becomes aggressiveness and competitiveness becomes a willingness to do or say anything to win or to appear to have won.

Turn up the dial even more and arrogance becomes narcissism.

Turn that dial up even higher and you get narcissistic personality disorder.

You can decide where Trump is on that continuum. The problem is that when you hit the red zone, you lose touch with reality. You say things that seem to lack logic because you need others to see you as all-knowing and all-winning.

The impact of their words and behaviors on others becomes irrelevant as they become the center of their universe. As long as they look good, Eagles are happy. The extreme narcissist can metaphorically (or literally) cause a nuclear bomb to be dropped on others and then take credit for predicting it.”

Other opportunities to feature a personality expert:

Current Event/Seasonal story angles

  • An entertainer’s (or politician’s!) Twitter problem is really their personality
  • How a politician’s personality affects career - or gets in the way
  • Is a sports star’s personality more important than his stats?
  • During the Holidays - Dealing family drama

Relationship-Based story angles

  • How to raise children who have completely different personalities
  • What to do if your spouse’s personality is driving you crazy
  • Are you imposing your personality on your kids?
  • Is the Golden Rule damaging your relationship with your family?
  • How to talk to your spouse so they hear you

Business-Related angles

  • How knowledge of personality styles can help you nail that interview and land that job
  • How leaders use their personality to drive results
  • Harnessing your personality for career success
  • How to cope with difficult personalities in the workplace
  • Your greatest strengths may be causing your greatest weaknesses 
  • Nailing your sales pitch to customers who have different personalities

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