With the 2016 presidential election drawing closer, we invite the media to contact Tulane University for expert comment on all the issues associated with the campaign, from campaign strategy and political messaging to hot-button topics like immigration, gun control and U.S. foreign relations.

To schedule interviews, please contact the Tulane Public Relations Office at 504-865-5210 or click here for a list of the public relations staff.


Brian Brox, associate professor of political science, School of Liberal Artshttp://www2.tulane.edu/liberal-arts/political-science/brian-brox.cfmAreas of expertise: American politics, political behavior, campaigns and elections, political parties, public opinion, electoral rules/reform

Geoffrey Dancy, assistant professor of political science, School of Liberal Artshttp://www.geoffdancy.com/homeAreas of expertise: Gun issues (violence, policy, race, police brutality), the rise of indecency in political speech, what a Trump candidacy means for American democracy, “Hillary hate” and the treatment of women in the U.S., potential impact of the election on American foreign relations

Patrick Egan, assistant professor of political science, School of Liberal Arts, http://www.tulane.edu/~pegan1/Areas of expertise: trade policy, foreign investment, protectionism, monetary policy

J. Celeste Lay, associate professor of political science, School of Liberal Artshttp://www.jcelestelay.com./Areas of expertise: U.S. public policy, elections, public opinion, voting behavior, politics of social policies (including education, health care, immigration and gun control), politics of “whiteness,” the millennial vote


Mollye Demosthenidy, clinical associate professor, Department of Global Health Management and Policyhttp://www.sph.tulane.edu/publichealth/ghsd/faculty_demosthenidy_mollye.cfmAreas of expertise: Affordable Care Act, repeal and replace, candidates’ plans for health care, current reform proposals

Mark L. Diana, associate professor and chair, Department of Global Health Management and Policyhttp://www.sph.tulane.edu/publichealth/ghsd/faculty_diana_mark.cfmAreas of expertise: health care reform, health policy, health care delivery


Reginald Parquet, clinical assistant professor, Tulane School of Social Work http://tssw.tulane.edu/waves-of-innovation/faculty-bios/reginald-parquet-msw-phdAreas of expertise: Gun violence and gun policy, youth violence, mental health, substance use and abuse, diversity and social justice

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Christopher Fettweis, associate professor of political science, School of Liberal Artshttp://www2.tulane.edu/liberal-arts/political-science/christopher-fettweis.cfmAreas of expertise: U.S. foreign policy, international security, ISIS

Mark Gasiorowski, professor of political science, School of Liberal Artshttp://www2.tulane.edu/liberal-arts/political-science/mark-gasiorowski.cfmAreas of expertise: politics of the Middle East, U.S.-Iran relations, U.S.-Middle East relations

Michael Wallace, director of Homeland Security Studies, School of Continuing Studieshttp://scs.tulane.edu/programs/homeland-security/faculty.htmlAreas of expertise: Domestic and international terrorism, proliferation of weapons, weapons of mass destruction, U.S. intelligence

ECONOMY James Alm, professor and chair of economics, School of Liberal Artshttp://econ.tulane.edu/profile_alm.shtmlAreas of expertise: taxation, tax reform, tax evasion, general economic policy, housing finance

Peter F. Ricchiuti, professor of finance, A.B. Freeman School of Business, http://www2.tulane.edu/news/experts/Peter-Ricchiuti.cfmAreas of expertise: employment, stock market, Wall Street, myths surrounding the U.S. economy Steven M. Sheffrin, professor of economics, executive director of the Murphy Institute, School of Liberal Artshttp://murphy.tulane.edu/people/steven-m-sheffrinAreas of expertise: taxation, spending, general economic policy

IMMIGRATIONCasey Love, senior professor of practice, political science, School of Liberal Artshttp://www2.tulane.edu/liberal-arts/political-science/casey-love.cfmAreas of expertise: immigration policy, politics of immigration, U.S.-Latin American relations, border policy

James D. Huck, Jr., assistant director, graduate advisor and administrative assistant professor, Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studieshttp://stonecenter.tulane.edu/articles/detail/33/James-D.-Huck-JrAreas of expertise: Mexican foreign policy and U.S. Latin American relations, Latin American immigration to the U.S. and Louisiana, Latin American/Latino communities in New Orleans, citizenship and civic engagement in the Americas


Nghana Lewis, associate professor of English and African and African Diaspora Studies, adjunct professor of psychology, also affiliated with Tulane Law School, http://www2.tulane.edu/news/experts/nghana-lewis.cfmAreas of expertise: race relations, criminal justice reform, Black/Blue Lives Matter, pay discrimination, voter suppression


Stephen Griffin, professor of constitutional law, Tulane Law School http://www.law.tulane.edu/tlsfaculty/profiles.aspx?id=422Areas of expertise: U.S. Supreme Court decisions and appointments, constitutional law, constitutional and political reform, how the Constitution plays into the election

Keith Werhan, professor and chair of constitutional law, Tulane Law School http://www.law.tulane.edu/tlsfaculty/profiles.aspx?id=474Areas of expertise: Any issues dealing with federal constitutional law, except criminal matters.


Jeff Sigler, senior professor of practice, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, School of Science & Engineeringhttp://www2.tulane.edu/sse/eens/faculty-and-staff/sigler.cfmAreas of expertise: climate change, air pollution, environmental issues/sustainability

Torbjorn E. Tornqvist, professor and chair of geology, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, School of Science & Engineeringhttp://www2.tulane.edu/sse/eens/faculty-and-staff/tornqvist.cfmAreas of expertise: Climate change, especially its impact on the Gulf Coast


Ashley Nelson, professor of practice, management communication, A.B. Freeman School of Business http://www2.tulane.edu/news/experts/ashley-nelson.cfmAreas of expertise: Political messaging, campaign strategy, social media strategy

Ferruh Yilmaz, associate professor of communication, http://www2.tulane.edu/liberal-arts/communication/ferruh-yilmaz.cfmAreas of expertise: Donald Trump populism, media’s response to populism, political crisis and the media, political situation in Turkey, Islamic populism, the rise of the far right in Europe, European immigration debate


Eric Smith, clinical finance professor, associate director of the Tulane Energy Institute, A. B. Freeman School of Businesshttps://business.tulane.edu/faculty-research/faculty-profile.php?idkey=15Areas of expertise: Keystone Pipeline, fuel prices, oil and gas industry, deepwater drilling, energy, natural gas, Gulf of Mexico energy production, energy trading, energy sector, utilities, energy policy, fracking