It was announced today that the FCC repeals the net neutrality rule. Net neutrality expert and computer science interim chair/professor at Stony Brook University Samir Das says:

"This is a sad day for the internet. It is not clear to me that FCC even understands the technical design principles of the internet that lead to its wild success. The internet's design is based on open and best-effort principles how network traffic is to be treated internal to network providers and not differentially treated based on content, source or destination. This ruling opens the door to a Balkanized internet with many private fiefdoms of different providers. I fear that scientific research community will be particularly hurt as their data do not cater to specific business interests. Interestingly, the internet was originally conceived not as a commerce or media platform, but as a mechanism to exchange scientific data and ideas."

Professor Das is available for further commentary. If needed, Stony Brook University has access to a ReadyCam television studio system that provides remote access to television networks.