President Trump Tweets Doctored Video of Opponent, Edited to Replace Audio to Make it Appear that Vice President Biden Plays Controversial Song "F*** the Police" by 90s Rap Group NWA at Campaign Event

Biden actually played the 2019 hit "Despacito" in the unedited video, after being introduced at the event by Luis Fonsi, singer of the popular Latin dance anthem
17-Sep-2020 2:20 PM EDT, by Newswise

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President Trump Tweets Doctored Video of Opponent, Edited to Replace Audio to Make it Appear that Vice President Biden Plays Controversial Song

Claim Publisher and Date: President Donald J. Trump on 2020-09-16

President Trump retweeted the following edited video, which was doctored to make it appear that presidential candidate Vice President Joe Biden played a different song at a campaign event than he actually played in the original video. The content of the video and tweet is being given a rating of "False," due to the manipulated audio track. 

The tweet was labelled by Twitter with the "Manipulated Media" tag, which does not appear when tweets are embedded on another website or social media platforms. 

In the original video, Vice President Biden plays the 2019 hit, "Despacito," before continuing to make remarks at the campaign event in Florida. He had just been introduced by the singer of the popular Latin dance anthem, Luis Fonsi. A clip of the moment had earlier gone viral on social media. 

The doctored video appeared on President Trump's feed, replacing "Despacito" with controversial 90s rap song, "F*** the Police," by NWA. It is worth noting that the doctored audio included the uncensored version of the song, including numerous expletives in the clip. 


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