EVANSTON, Ill. --- Nancy C. Loeb, director, Environmental Advocacy Clinic at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, and Northwestern political scientist Quinn Mulroy are available to comment on the impact of former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s resignation.

Loeb specializes in the intersection between economics and environmental law, regulatory strategies and environmental justice. She can be reached at [email protected] or 262-348-9509.

Quote from Professor Loeb

“While we can hope for an improvement in the extraordinary ethical lapses at EPA, I don’t think we can expect any real shift in policy with the EPA management change from Pruitt to Andrew Wheeler. Like Pruitt, Wheeler has long been an advocate for freeing the dirtiest fossil fuel industries from regulation and, like Pruitt, Wheeler is a long-term climate change denier.  

“His long-term, close relationships with -- and lobbying for -- fossil fuel companies casts a dark cloud over hopes for any change in the anti-earth policies being pushed at EPA.”

Mulroy is a political scientist whose work operates at the intersection of public policy, law, public administration and political analysis. Her research on the development of policymaking and policy implementation in the U.S. engages central questions in the fields of regulation, law and society, the bureaucracy, the presidency, Congress, civil rights and environmental policy, and American political development. She is an assistant professor of human development and social policy in Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy and a faculty associate in the University’s Institute for Policy Research. She can be reached at [email protected].

Quote from Professor Mulroy

“This is indicative that ethics violations can eventually catch up to the Trump administration, though likely with little substantive change in its approach to environmental policy. Watch for the next class of EPA appointed administrators to carry out their dismantlement of the environmental enforcement apparatus more quietly.”

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