Cynthia Daniels, a political scientist at Rutgers University is available to discuss the Supreme Court draft decision on Roe v. Wade. Her books include Exposing Men: The Science and Politics of Male Reproduction and At Women’s Expense: State Power and the Politics of Fetal Rights.

Daniels is also the director of the Informed Consent Project. Many states have passed abortion-related ‘Informed Consent’ laws which require that a woman seeking an abortion receive a state-authored informational packet before her abortion procedure can be performed. The Informed Consent Project evaluates the medical accuracy of this information with a focus on information on embryological and fetal development.

Daniels is professor of political science and women’s and gender studies at Rutgers-New Brunswick. She has published widely in the fields of reproductive politics and law, including works on abortion, bioethics, new reproductive technologies, male reproductive health and the criminalization of pregnancy. Published articles include Comment: Developmental Biology: Don’t Blame the Mothers, Informed or Misinformed Consent: Abortion Politics in the States, and Pregnancy Criminalization, Reproductive Asymmetry, and Race: An Experimental Study.