Michael D. Anestis, Executive Director of the New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center, based at Rutgers, and Thurman Barnes, Assistant Director, are available to discuss how people need to think and talk about mass shootings differently.

 Their points:

  • We need to lift up the story of the victims, not provide notoriety/fame for the killer.
  • We cannot let this be a conversation about mental illness. Mental illness is not to blame for this problem.
  • Mass shootings deserve every bit of attention we give them—and at the same time, we need to keep reminding people that tragedies like Buffalo and Uvalde represent around 1% of all gun violence, so it’s vital that we help the public understand the true scope and nature of American gun violence.
  • We don't have a magic answer for mass shootings, but we have some solutions that could make a difference.  We need to actively pursue those.