George Edwards, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, studies American politics and public policy making. Edwards is a leading scholar in the presidency, is the editor of Presidential Studies Quarterly and general editor of the Oxford Handbook of American Politics. He has been a featured speaker at more than 250 universities at home and abroad, has done thousands of interviews with national and international press, and can be heard on NPR. Edwards’ bio may be viewed at

Jennifer Mercieca, Professor of Communication, is an authority on American political discourse, especially with regards to citizenship, democracy and the presidency. Her focus on the political rhetoric of this year’s presidential campaign has made her a common consultant for major media outlets. Mercieca is the director of Aggie Agora, an organization within the College of Liberal Arts that seeks to facilitate public discourse and civic engagement on campus and throughout the state of Texas. Mercieca’s bio may be viewed at

Kirby Goidel, Professor of Communication and a Fellow at the Texas A&M Public Policy Research Institute, is an authority in political communication and social science research methods. His research is motivated by questions of democratic governance, including the willingness and ability of elites to manipulate public opinion. He is the author of several books including America’s Failing Experiment: How We The People Have Become the Problem. He is an oft-used contributor and commentator for major media outlets worldwide. Goidel’s bio may be viewed at

Joe Ura, Professor of Political Science, studies American national politics, especially the Supreme Court, and macropolitical responsiveness and representation. His research focuses on how public opinion can shape the decision of national political institutions. He teaches courses on government, politics and constitutional law. Ura’s bio may be viewed at