Douglas HaynesVice Provost for Academic Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and Professor of HistoryTopic: Professor Haynes can speak to the following issues as they relate to Betsy DeVos' confirmation and the future of higher education:• Minority serving institutions (Details. UCI is a Minority Serving Institution. Last year the Office of Postsecondary Education within the Department of Education designated the campus an Asian American Native American Serving Institution. In January the campus initiated the application to be designated a Hispanic Serving Institution)• Diversity. Expanding the pipeline to and through Graduate Education to transform the professoriate as well as to address workforce needs of the US economy.• Climate. The Department is responsible for enforcing a series of laws that relate to anti-discrimination against specific populations through the Office of Civil Rights.Contact: [email protected]

Brook ThomasChancellor's Professor of English; affiliated faculty, Center in Law, Society, and CultureProfessor Thomas can compare Betsy DeVos’ views of public education with those expressed by the former Republican Governor of California, Earl Warren, in his landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education. “The link between the Brown ruling to integrate public schools and the move toward privatizing education helps put her nomination in historical perspective.”Contact: [email protected]; 949-856-3083

Catherine LiuProfessor and chair, Department of Film and Media StudiesTopic: anti-intellectualism, authoritarianismLiu is the author of The American Idyll: Academic Anti-Elitism as Cultural Critique (2011). The book is a critique of the American meritocracy and the administered life. It is also a revisiting of Richard Hofstadter's critique of American anti-intellectualism. She is interested in the application of efficiency metrics to higher education and sport. Liu is often quoted in Canadian media outlets about her points of view. Contact: [email protected]

Constance Iloh, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorUniversity of California, Irvine - School of Educationemail: [email protected]phone: (240) 461-3898website:

Areas of expertise: education, higher education, college access, diversity, college choice, underrepresented students, post-traditional students, privatization and education, educational equity, for-profit higher education, community colleges, and urban education

Abridged media accolades: Named NPR Source of the Week, Forbes 30 under 30, invited expert for White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, invited speaker for NBC