UCLA Fielding School of Public Health experts available for comment on June 18 SCOTUS decision re DACA:

Steven P. Wallace, professor, Community Health Sciences; expertise in use of health services for Latino, African American, Asian American, and American Indian populations, including DACA recipients; has published research on immigrant health for more than 30 years, including in the American Journal of Public Health and Social Science and Medicine. His research has received broad media coverage, including articles and stories in the New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, and Fox News. He has testified at legislative hearings and in other forums, and his research has informed legislation on these issues. See: "Barriers to Health"

Ninez Ponce, professor, Health Policy and Management; expertise in racial/ethnic and social disparities in health and health care, including DACA recipients; principal investigator of the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), the largest state health survey in the United States, where she led the first CHIS efforts on the measurement of race/ethnicity, acculturation, physician-patient communication and discrimination. Specific expertise in Asian Pacific Islander populations, inclduing DACA. See: Immigration Rules Fact Sheet

Nadereh Pourat, professor-in-residence, Health Policy and Management; expertise in in access to care of underserved populations, focusing on the role of the health care delivery system in disparities and health care outcomes, including DACA recipients. Director of the Health Economics and Evaluation Research Program at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. See: DACA Policy Brief