Federal Elections Commissioner Ellen Weintraub has announced she'll propose a rule-making on the threat of foreign involvement in U.S. elections. University of Maryland Carey School of Law Dean Donald Tobin, JD, is an expert on campaign finance policy, and his testimony during the FEC's June forum on this topic has been integral to the FEC's discussions. He notes that foreign donors can easily set up U.S. corporations to donate, thereby masking the original donor's identity. He believes that reform to the SEC - making it easier to identify large-scale shareholders of public companies - is necessary to strengthen policy in this area. Dean Tobin is available in-person or by phone this week - please contact me for more information.Link to Weintraub's proposal - Tobin's testimony is on page 12: http://www.fec.gov/members/weintraub/statements/Weintraub-Foreign_Political_Spending_Rulemaking.pdf