Nevada — both a battleground state and site for the final presidential debate — will be front and center in the political narrative throughout the year as presidential candidates debate issues here that will decide the election. The third and final presidential debate for the 2016 general election will be held at UNLV’s Thomas & Mack Center Oct. 19.

UNLV has experts available to offer commentary on international, national, state, and local politics and related election issues. Visit our website for a full list of experts or debate-related activities/events.

John Tuman (political science): Tuman, chairman of UNLV's political science department, is well-versed in all aspects of national, state, and local politics. But his niche expertise lies in the intersection of politics with immigrants, Latin America, NAFTA, and foreign aid. Read his recent Q&A on why the Latino vote means more than ever to candidates this election.

David Damore (political science): Damore, a Brookings Institute senior fellow, is renowned as a media darling for his reputation as an expert on all things political. His specialties include American and Latino politics, elections, campaigns, and public policy at the national and state levels. Scroll through clips from the dozens of media appearances under his belt on his university profile.

Dan Lee (political science): Lee is an expert on the American party system (including the impact of the third-party system and the dynamics of issue change in Congress), elections, and general politics. Read his recent Q&A on the importance of Nevada as a swing state during Election 2016.

Michael Green (history): Green is a historian whose main research topics include the evolution of politics within the state of Nevada, the U.S. Supreme Court, Abraham Lincoln, and the Civil War Era.

Tiffiany Howard (political science): Howard looks at politics from the perspective of international security; immigration and refugee policies; political violence, conflict and terrorism; and gender and race.

Ted Jelen (political science): In addition to gun policy, Jelen studies abortion politics, public opinion and elections, religion and politics (both national and international), Constitutional interpretation, and the politics of Catholicism.

Jacob Thompson (communication studies): Thompson, coach of UNLV's award-winning debate team, is an expert on use of the tactic during presidential campaigns.

Rob Lang (urban affairs): Lang, director of Brookings Mountain West and UNLV's Lincy Institute, studies the intersection of politics and demographics and their impact on urban areas.

David Fott (political science): Fott's expertise lies in the areas of U.S. presidential power and Nevada politics.

Cian McMahon (history): An expert on American immigration, McMahon is teaching a special course this fall called "The News In Historical Perspective: Issues Facing the 2016 Presidential Candidates." The course is aimed at deepening students' historical understanding of topics raised during this year's presidential debates.

For more information or to be connected with an expert, contact UNLV's Media Relations office at [email protected] or (702) 895-3102.