What would potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act mean for North Carolina?

Hana Brown, associate professor of sociology at Wake Forest University, says it would be disastrous. Brown studies the political consequences of social inequality and state welfare policymaking.

She says:

“The repeal of Obamacare will have disastrous human and financial costs for North Carolina. Over half a million state residents will lose their coverage, jeopardizing their health and their financial security. The state will lose an estimated $59 billion in federal funding. Here and elsewhere, the stakes of repeal are high for individuals, families, and entire communities.”

Brown has written award-winning articles about racial politics, immigration and social welfare policies, he effects of institutions on racial inequality, and the effects of immigration and racial divisions on policy outcomes.

She is included among several faculty experts featured in the fact sheet on the Affordable Care Act in N.C. put together by the Scholars Strategy Network (SSN).