Dr. Tan is a clinician, researcher and educator. He maintains his clinical practice at the UCLA Medical Plaza in Westwood and at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. He performs epidemiological research at the Framingham Heart Study and education/quality improvement research at UCLA. His studies on brain aging and memory have been published in major medical journals and featured in the New York Times, Time, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and other national publications.
Dr. Tan holds the Philo Van Wagoner Endowed Chair in Geriatric Medicine and is the Associate Chief for Education at the UCLA Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatric Medicine.

UCLA students, elderly help each other in unique program

"It's a way to allow seniors to have regular interaction with students, mentor them, as well as provide companionship. In turn, their caregivers are given a break."

Nutrition: Brainpower Tied to Omega-3 Levels

“We feel that omega-3’s reduce vascular pathology and thus reduce the rate of brain aging."

20 Memory Tricks You’ll Never Forget

“When we’re not paying good attention, the memories we form aren’t very robust, and we have a problem retrieving the information later.”

‘Boot Camp’ Helps Alzheimer’s, Dementia Caregivers Take Care Of Themselves, Too

“People with Alzheimer’s who have stressed caregivers have been shown to have poor outcomes. Their caregivers have essentially thrown in the towel."

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"I think aging is a time of growth, in a sense that older people, even those with early memory problems, can grow from and learn from the students as much as they are imparting."

- UCLA students, elderly help each other in unique program

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