Roswell Park Alliance Foundation Endowed Chair in Cancer Prevention and Senior Vice President of Population Sciences, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

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Research From Roswell Park and Kaiser Permanente Supports Vitamin D Supplementation for Breast Cancer Patients

The Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center/Kaiser Permanente Northern California team behind a new study to be highlighted at the ASCO 2021 virtual annual meeting has found that sufficient vitamin D levels at the time of diagnosis are associated with improved outcomes among people with breast cancer.
04-Jun-2021 05:10:56 PM EDT

Roswell Park, Wilmot Cancer Institute Collaborate on First Large Study of Immunotherapy in Black Cancer Patients

A new collaboration between two Western New York cancer research leaders will help oncologists learn whether Black and white cancer patients respond differently to a game-changing immunotherapy treatment, and seeks to improve the safety and effectiveness of these newer drugs in diverse populations.
20-Apr-2021 03:45:45 PM EDT

Aggressive Breast Cancers in Black Patients Related to Immune Factors, Roswell Park Team Reveals

A Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center team led by Christine Ambrosone, PhD, and Song Yao, PhD, has revealed a distinct molecular signature in the tumor tissues of Black patients with breast cancer. The new work, published today in JNCI, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, reports that an elevated number of “exhausted,” nonfunctional T cells appears to be driving tumors in patients of African descent to be more aggressive and hard-to-treat — a finding that also opens the door to treatment interventions that could help to eliminate the striking disparities in survival between Black and white patients with breast cancer.
05-Jan-2021 11:45:30 AM EST

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