Dr. Carl D. Morrison joined the faculty of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in January 2007, and is currently the Senior Vice President of Scientific Development and Integrative Medicine; Director of the Pathology Resource Network; Clinical Chief, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Director, Division of Molecular Pathology, and Professor of Oncology. Prior to coming to Roswell Park, Dr. Morrison spent five years as faculty at The Ohio State University Medical Center after completing his residency there in Anatomic Pathology. Dr. Morrison is a board-certified pathologist with a Certificate of Qualification in Oncology in NYS who has an interest in both clinical and research areas.

As Senior Vice President of Scientific Development and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Morrison supports the development of new core capabilities and technology platforms in order to conduct highly integrative research across both the basic sciences and clinical care. Dr. Morrison continues to lead the Pathology Resource Network (PRN) at Roswell Park. The overall goal of the PRN is to facilitate access to human biospecimens for IRB-approved investigators with an emphasis on translational efforts. The services offered are quite diverse and serve a unique link between the research and clinical arena. Dr. Morrison started and previously directed the Clinical Data Network (CDN) at Roswell Park. The CDN is the organization of clinical data for research purposes utilizing a federated database approach. The primary goal of the CDN is the promotion of translational research at Roswell Park in a non-human subject research setting.

Pioneering Roswell Park-Led Research Effort Applies Precision Medicine to Better Understand COVID-19

Three collaborating organizations will work with Roswell Park as partners in this first-of-its-kind effort: Catholic Health; the University at Buffalo, through its Jacobs School of Medicine.

Roswell Park, Catholic Health, University at Buffalo unite to answer question: Who will develop severe COVID-19?

The team will use next-generation sequencing to identify biomarkers of the immune response to COVID-19 that can be used to predict which patients are likely to progress to severe infection that would require more intensive care.

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No two people are alike — down to our immune cells — and we see this in the way people are responding differently to infection with COVID-19,” says Carl Morrison, MD, DVM, senior vice president of scientific development and integrative medicine at Roswell Park.

- Partnering on Project for Test Predicting Severe COVID-19

“There is a lot more work to do, but there is an opportunity here that looks promising. This is the first study, and we need to get more people working on this process,” said Carl Morrison, MD, DVM.

- Peripheral Biomarker of Response to Immunotherapy Emerges

“If you look at perhaps one of those people who are having a poor outcome with the Coronavirus, it's very likely, right, that's what's happening. They have policemen showing up, but just not that many different policemen.”

- Cancer Docs Join Fight Against COVID: Live Event

“Three people can get same cancer and one will have a very dismal outcome and one will have a great outcome and one will have a moderate outcome and I think we're seeing the exact same thing with the Coronavirus and the Covid-19 pandemic”

- Cancer Docs Join Fight Against COVID: Live Event

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