Dr. Reksten joined the economic department at the University of Redlands in 2016 after teaching at Sarah Lawrence College and American University. HIs expertise ranges from basic economics to the economic impact of environmental issues, such as the current rollback of environmental protections by the Trump administration. He is an award-winning educator and researcher with a unique focus on economics and the environment.

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Unfortunately, this study confirms the bleak picture of human impacts on biodiversity that have been increasingly shown at smaller scales. While the natural losses are devastating on their own, the economic consequences of such a decline in natural ecosystems will become increasingly important and may threaten the stability of the global economic system. Most directly, the collapse of populations of fish and pollinators will impact the ability of fishers and farmers to provide food for growing populations and make a living. Those who make a living from tourists visiting ecosystems could find their jobs at risk. Ecosystems offer other, more indirect economic benefits, too. Wetlands filter water. Healthy forests can prevent erosion and landslides from heavy rains, Reksten says.

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