Michael D. Williams is a surgeon at the University of Virginia Health System and director of the UVA Center for Health Policy, which provides comprehensive, apolitical analysis of current and proposed health policies.

Williams has served as chief medical officer for the Washington, D.C. Fire and EMS Department and is now director of UVA’s Summer Medical Leadership Program, which helps prepare underrepresented minority students for medical school and to become leaders in the medical field.

Williams’s analysis is frequently featured in national and regional media outlets.

See Williams discuss the Summer Medical Leadership Program:

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March 15-16: Finding Solutions for Unconscious Bias in Health and Beyond

A host of studies have demonstrated that unconscious bias – attitudes that affect our decisions and actions without us realizing it – can impact patients’ health and wellness. But what can be done to address it? A symposium at the University of Virginia is bringing together national experts, UVA faculty and community members to discuss solutions that can apply not only to healthcare, but universally. The symposium will cover a range of topics, including the role of the media in unconscious bias.
02-Mar-2017 09:05:46 AM EST

Vitamin A may help improve pancreatic cancer chemotherapy

The addition of high doses of a form of vitamin A could help make chemotherapy more successful in treating pancreatic cancer, according to an early study by Queen Mary University of London.
24-May-2016 02:05:40 PM EDT

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