Robert  Recker

Robert Recker

Creighton University

Professor of Medicine

Expertise: OsteoporosisMedicine

Recker is perhaps best known for a study in which he, molecular geneticist Mark Johnson and several others found a gene mutation causing bones to be twice as massive as “normal” bones. Using the genetic material from these “super bones” that were discovered virtually by accident in a Nebraska-based family, the two have been working on what some might call “nature’s cure” for osteoporosis.

Omaha doctor may have helped cure osteoporosis

For decades. Dr. Robert Recker has worked on finding solutions to osteoporosis. He says 50 percent of women and 20 percent of men over the age of 50, will suffer a fracture.


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"If you have a 35 year-old with bone density well below average, you could give it to that person and prevent fracture"

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