Edward   DeSimone III

Edward DeSimone III

Creighton University

Professor of Pharmacy Sciences

Expertise: Opiodopiod dependancyPublic Healthdrug accessmedicine cabinets

Dr. DeSimone received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Temple University in Philadelphia. He has worked in both community and hospital practice. He also served as a consultant to the FDA, USP, and the pharmaceutical industry. He has been a Contributing Editor for U.S. Pharmacist since 1996. Dr. DeSimone has published more than 70 professional papers and has had chapters in three different textbooks. He taught at Butler University for 12 years and has been on the Creighton faculty since 1989. He serves as Professor of Pharmacy Sciences and currently teaches Calculations in Pharmacy Practice as well as a course on addiction and substance-related disorders.

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