Thomas  Holbrook

Thomas Holbrook

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Distinguished Professor of Political Science

Expertise: 2020 Campaign2020 ElectionPresidential Campaign

Thomas Holbrook can speak about voter behavior, political campaigns and forecasting national elections. He can also speak about what kind of impact a political convention can have on a presidential campaign both regionally and nationally. Holbrook is the author of “Do Campaigns Matter?” and “Altered States: Changing Populations, Changing Parties, and the Transformation of the American Political Landscape.”

Convention 'bounce' ain't what it used to be

In that light, says Holbrook, “the size of the bump doesn't matter so much as whether the candidate gets the bump he is expected to get.’’

Impeachment battle, reelection fight could stall Trump's agenda in 2020

“His core supporters will latch onto even the slightest bit of confirming evidence to back him on this issue.”

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