Simanek is an epidemiologist who can talk about public health strategies to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Her research centers on the social patterns of infectious disease at the population level as well as links between infectious and chronic diseases. She can discuss the benefits of early and proactive social distancing on reducing transmission, the need for proper social support systems so that people can engage in social distancing, why the majority of COVID-19 cases and deaths in Milwaukee and the U.S. are African American, and why there has been a sudden change in recommendations on the public use of face masks.

Newsweek: Will Trump's Europe Travel Restrictions Work to Control Coronavirus in the U.S.? Likely Not, Experts Say

"Will individuals still be able to enter the U.S. by flying through the UK or Ireland which were not included in the list of restricted countries? If so, travel restrictions will not serve to limit the number of people entering the U.S. from locations whe

Mashable: The most important thing to know about social distancing

"The immediate goal is to protect our healthcare capacity. [Social distancing] can seem daunting to the American people, but it's better to overreact, than to lose time because we underreacted.”


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