Owen   Caine

Owen Caine


Executive Vice President, Government Relations & Public Policy - Household and Commercial PRoducts Association

Expertise: Government RelationsPublic PolicyChemicalshousehold and commercial products

Owen Caine serves as the Executive Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy.  His responsibilities primarily focus on managing a team of state and federal lobbyists to help defend and further the industry’s interests on Capitol Hill and in statehouses across the country. Owen joined HCPA in June of 2017 coming from the Toy Association where he served as the Director of State Government Affairs. Prior to the Toy Association Owen worked in the State Affairs department here at HCPA.

Over the course of his career, Owen has spent time as a staffer on Capitol Hill, worked for a Boston based government affairs law firm, and has worked on a variety of political campaigns throughout the country.  His career working in and around politics has given him a firm understanding of the political process and helps him to think strategically about legislative and regulatory issues.

Owen has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and a Master’s in Public Policy from George Washington University in Washington DC.

New York agency offers few details on request to delay 1,4-dioxane limits

HCPA was one of the three trade groups that received the letter from the DEC, along with the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) and the Consumer Brands Association.

Groups Trying to Unify What States Deem ‘Essential Industries’

“It will require getting on the phone and explaining why that’s the case,” said Owen Caine, who manages government relations and public policy for the HCPA.

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"If the idea of reporting down to 100ppm in your products made you squirm, in New York they are talking about 100 parts per billion or even 100 parts per trillion,"

- Disclosure leads to reformulation in California

Rather, the pandemic has "highlighted that there is a problem with people making claims that are unsubstantiated and illegal," said Owen Caine, HCPA’s executive vice president of government relations and public policy.

- Reports of illegal disinfectants on the rise

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