Most of the time, I am CEO of NetSupport with almost 30 years’ experience in educational technology and digital safeguarding. In addition to my role at NetSupport, I have a passion for education – particularly governance and raising organizational performance. With that in mind, I am Chair of a Multi Academy Trust, the area’s Governors’ Leadership Group and the county SEND Board. I am on the board of the Regional Schools Commissioner’s Headteacher Board for the East of England and north-east London, and the Local Authority Education Scrutiny Committee. A 2020 EdTech 50 winner, I continue to support schools nationally and internationally with mentoring, writing and speaking at events about all things edtech. My highly anticipated book, My Secret EdTech Diary by John Catt Educational Ltd, releases in July 2021 and gives not only my 30 historical perspective of IT in education, but also is a road map to a new way of thinking about technology in education. You can also find lots of my resources at And on my website at

I’ve worked in edtech for nearly three decades and have held multiple voluntary roles at the school board level in the UK over the last 15 years, which gives me considerable insight into both sides of the equation. This unique perspective means I see the

Equipping students with the skills and knowledge to use technology responsibly — to research and find information and be able to validate its authenticity and accuracy — starts in elementary school and runs right through a student’s school career and beyo

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