Christine Reilley is the Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation for the Technology Advancement and Business Development (TABD) unit of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), based in New York City. As the director, she leads the Healthcare Technology Team, which focuses on creating and growing the Society’s portfolio of programs, products, and services in this area. Christine had previously served as a program manager in the ASME Emerging Technologies unit, developing content and conferences in areas focusing on bioengineering, nanotechnology, thermofluids, and materials. Previously, she spent more than 10 years in ASME Codes and Standards Publishing as an editor, overseeing the production of codes from manuscript to final bound and digital product.

Christine is a featured speaker in ASME's VisualizeMED virtual conference, April 14-15.

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Leveraging Modeling and Simulation in Medicine at VisualizeMED

ASME’s VisualizeMED: Modeling and Simulation in Medicine will take place on April 14-15, 2021. This two-day virtual event is enabling the transformation of modeling and simulation in medicine by bringing together industry experts of technology and masters of technique who are effectively implementing it with the goal to increase the application and adoption on a global scale.
09-Mar-2021 12:30:48 PM EST

“We're also continuing our modeling and simulation efforts, again in the long term to help expedite development and approval of not only medical devices but also pharmaceuticals. And finally, we're taking a look at the supply chain, improving the supply chain, perhaps in the future using data analytics and artificial intelligence to manage that more closely, and also looking at perhaps instituting redundancies in the supply chain so that if something goes down in one location, we don't have to worry about the supply chain going down.”

- COVID-19 Updates, Media Coverage of the Pandemic, Stress Management, Tech Support, Economy Update

“We're joining forces with FDA, National Institutes of Health, and the Veterans Health Administration. Because American Makes is creating a repository where all these engineers who really wanna help. There is one central location to have all these designs submitted.”

- COVID-19 Updates, Media Coverage of the Pandemic, Stress Management, Tech Support, Economy Update

"When one is getting prepared to submit a new device for example to a regulatory body such as the FDA, one can use models and simulations to demonstrate something like say the inefficacy noting that this won’t replace for example something like a human clinical trial, but will supplement that data".


"I think we will be seeing a lot more of that on the road, and we will also see greater collaboration between engineers, medical professionals and those at pharmaceutical companies and devices companies and we will also see an uptick in the application of data analytics across the board".


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