Christopher G. Myers, PhD is an associate professor in Management and Organization and the founding Faculty Director of the Center for Innovative Leadership at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. He also holds a joint faculty appointment in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine) and core faculty appointments in the Hopkins Business of Health Initiative and Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety & Quality.

His research examines learning, leadership development, and innovation in organizations, specifically analyzing how people learn vicariously from others’ knowledge and experience at work. He focuses on studying health care organizations and other knowledge-intensive work settings. His work has been published in premier academic journals in the fields of management, organizational psychology, medicine, and health care, as well as in leading practice-oriented publications and editorials. Before joining Johns Hopkins, he was an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Harvard Business School. 

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Seeing Others’ Big Triumphs, We May Feel More Motivated than Usual to Succeed

When we perceive that a peer’s accomplishment has risen above the usual standard of “good work” and can be rated an “exceptional” success, our motivation to learn is enhanced, according to a new study in Academy of Management Discoveries.
05-May-2021 09:50:04 AM EDT

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