Douglas Hales is an Associate Dean and Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Rhode Island. His primary teaching expertise is Global Supply Chain Management and Lean Six Sigma. His research interests include Global Port Competitiveness and Applied Process Improvement. 

Hales has more than 20 years of operational and supply chain management experience for the U. S. Marine Corps as well as the plastics and construction industries. He can speak to the impact of U. S. imposed tariffs on Chinese goods and U. S. goods in many industries. He can discuss the delay between the tariffs and the arrival of goods being shipped to the U.S. and what consumers can expect, in terms of the timing of price hikes on goods purchased by Americans. He can discuss the “cold chain,” agricultural goods, electronics and commodities in general that ship by container vessel.

Hales is a special issue co-editor for the Transportation Journal on Seaport Competition for 2018 and 2019, as well as the past Program Chair of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute. He is also the incoming President of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute, beginning July 1, 2019.

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