Ian  Foster, PhD

Ian Foster, PhD


Senior Scientist and Distinguished Fellow - Director of the Data Science and Learning Division, at Argonne National Laboratory - Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago

Expertise: Computer Sciencedata sciencedata-intensive computing technologies

Dr. Foster is Senior Scientist and Distinguished Fellow, and also director of the Data Science and Learning Division, at Argonne National Laboratory, and the Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. His research deals with distributed, parallel, and data-intensive computing technologies, and innovative applications of those technologies to scientific problems in such domains as materials science, climate change, and biomedicine. He is a fellow of the AAAS, ACM, BCS, and IEEE, and an Office of Science Distinguished Scientists Fellow. His awards include the BCS Lovelace Medal and IEEE Babbage and Kanai awards.


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The Democratization of Data Delivery

In the Exascale era, there is an ever-growing need for the rapid, reliable and secure flow of data for the advancement of science. But data friction often causes bottlenecks and slows the advancement of scientific discoveries.
07-Jun-2022 01:05:53 PM EDT

Globus Wins Best Integrated Software Experience Award

Globus received the Best Integrated Software Experience award at the annual Data Mover Challenge, a competition which brings together experts from industry and academia to challenge international teams to come up with the most innovative solutions for transferring huge amounts of data across servers around the world that are connected by 100Gbps international research and education networks.
02-Mar-2022 10:05:45 PM EST

Globus Celebrates Ten Years of Connecting the Research Universe

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Globus, which launched at SC10 as the “Globus Online.” Globus has grown to become an essential service for over 150,000 thousand researchers in 80 countries and has moved over one exabyte of data and 100 billion files.
10-Nov-2020 08:30:52 AM EST

NSF Grant Backs funcX -- A Smart, Automated Delegator for Computational Research

Computational scientific research is no longer one-size-fits-all. The massive datasets created by today’s cutting-edge instruments and experiments — telescopes, particle accelerators, sensor networks and molecular simulations — aren’t best processed and analyzed by a single type of machine.
29-Jul-2020 07:25:23 PM EDT

Ian Foster to receive IEEE Charles Babbage Award

Ian Foster has been selected to receive the 2019 IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) Charles Babbage Award for his outstanding contributions in the areas of parallel computing languages, algorithms, and technologies for scalable distributed applications.
28-May-2019 04:05:21 PM EDT

"At a time when science is under ever-more intensive scrutiny, it is scary to think that precious research data might be corrupted as a side effect of transferring it over a network."

- https://www.globus.org/blog/globus-online-ensures-research-data-integrity

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