Itay Fainmesser (PhD in Business Economics, Harvard University) is an associate professor of economics at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. He also has a courtesy faculty appointment in the economics department of the Johns Hopkins University School of Arts and Sciences.

Fainmesser studies how social networks and social media affect and are affected by market activities and market rules. His current work studies the pricing of network goods, the role of intermediaries in markets, influencer marketing, and user privacy in online platforms. His work has been published in top economics and management journals such as The Review of Economic Studies, Management Science, and The Journal of Economic Theory. 

Among the courses, he has taught are “Economics for Decision Making” and “Competitive Strategy.” 

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For the Public, Data Collection during COVID-19 Offers Benefits -- and Poses Hazards

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Assistant Professor Itay Fainmesser, an economist specializing in social media and social networks, discusses the ways in which the coronavirus pandemic has affected digital communication.
22-Jul-2020 08:55:47 AM EDT

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