Professor Kirsten Cater is based in the School of Computer Science where she works in the field of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and immersive technologies. Her focus is on people's experiences of using highly sensory technology and the associated ethical considerations. Professor Cater's research touches on location-based experiences, gamification, virtual reality, data collection through crowdsourcing, novel interactions with big data, and tangible user interfaces for the elderly. One of her core projects is Tangible Memories, which aims to help improve the quality of life for residents in care homes by building a sense of community and shared experience through a cooperative exploration of their life stories. Professor Cater's research and public engagement work in primary and secondary schools, as well as community centres, has attracted significant media coverage including a BBC news feature and a documentary for South Korea.

2000 - BSc Computer Science, University of Bristol 
2004 - PhD Computer Science, University of Bristol

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