Matthew  Watson, PhD

Matthew Watson, PhD

University of Bristol

Reader in Geophysical Natural Hazards

Expertise: Volcanic EruptionsFlight Disruptions From AshlavaVolcanoesAir Measurements

Matt Watson is based in the School of Earth Sciences, where his work revolved around volcanoes, particularly ash clouds. His extensive studies include the volcanoes in Central and Southern America, and he was part of the post-eruption taskforce for the Fuego volcano eruption in Guatemala in 2018. His research involves the use of satellite images and other remote sources including drones to predict the movement of volcanic eruptions and of ash clouds. Among the projects Dr Watson has been involved in are studies of the impact of ash clouds on jet engines, developing new instruments to detect the movement of ash in the wind and to inform piloting decisions, examining the change in terrain that results from a volcanic eruption, and exploring the contentious process of deliberately using volcanic eruptions to cool the climate. His expertise is being used in a TV series called 'The Greatest Shown on Earth', which explores ash clouds linked to the Fuego volcano eruption.


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New drone technology improves ability to forecast volcanic eruptions

Specially-adapted drones developed by an international team have been gathering data from never-before-explored volcanoes that will enable local communities to better forecast future eruptions. The cutting-edge research at Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea is also improving scientists’ understanding of how volcanoes contribute to the global carbon cycle, key to sustaining life on Earth.
29-Oct-2020 12:05:28 PM EDT

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