Dr. Neal Saab is Senior Science Program Manager for the Institute for Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS) where he leads the research and outreach efforts in several areas including caffeine, food chemical safety, and food and packaging safety and sustainability. Dr. Saab has broad experience engaging regulatory agencies on environmental risk assessment of chemicals and also managed science committees focused on exposure and toxicology. Dr. Saab has a strong research background in plant science and biotechnology and has been awarded two patents for his innovations. He received his PhD in Crop Science from Cornell University.

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Study of Unintentional Contaminants in Food Packaging Urges Scrutiny

Researchers detect hydrocarbons, PAHs and other chemicals in recycled plastics, raising concerns about detecting and evaluating risks in plastic packaging.
09-Jan-2024 10:05:43 AM EST

An Exploration of Producer Responsibility Recycling Policies Shows They Can Overcome Challenges

Countries with established plastic Extended Producer Responsibility regulations and landfill bans often have higher recycling rates.
06-Nov-2023 10:15:32 AM EST

Revised Framework for Reviewing Potential Carcinogens to Reduce Animal Testing

More reliance on modeling and test tube-based data to lower reliance on test animals.
29-Sep-2023 02:35:03 PM EDT

Cheaper, Abundant Recycled Plastics Can Be Sound Ingredients for Plastic Bottles, Food Packaging

Performance studies of recycled plastics with polypropylene yield strong findings, suggesting sustainable efficiencies for beverage bottles and food packaging.
18-Sep-2023 02:05:15 PM EDT

Cadmium Intake from Six Foods Analyzed by Age Group

New exposure study suggests that combined consumption estimates of the metal cadmium in common foods may exceed some government health guidance limits for young groups.
28-Jul-2023 10:45:51 AM EDT

Emerging Methods for Recycling Plastics Address Barriers, Opportunities

Understanding the fundamentals of these emerging technologies will help design improved systems for chemical recycling and upcycling of waste plastics.
11-Oct-2022 01:05:36 PM EDT

Collaborative Research Institute Updates Screening of Metals in Food

IAFNS updates tool to compare metal exposures with safety limits
16-Feb-2022 11:25:22 AM EST

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