Omatola   Gordon-Rose, MPH, GCBM, DrPHc

Omatola Gordon-Rose, MPH, GCBM, DrPHc

Susan G. Komen

Public Health Practitioner and Senior Director of Health Equity Initiatives

Expertise: Breast CancerHealth EquityPublic HealthPublic Health Policy

Omatola Gordon-Rose, DrPHc, MPH, GCBM, Public Health Practitioner and Senior Director of Health Equity Initiatives at Susan G. Komen (Komen). Omatola's work involves developing, implementing, facilitating, and integrating Komen’s collective racial and health equity strategic initiatives across mission to deliver impactful and meaningful change. Omatola serves as an advisor, bridge builder, strategic leader, and partner that enables Susan G. Komen to apply a health equity lens to every aspect of their work as Komen identifies and executes initiatives to effect lasting change. Omatola’s primary focus is to reach and serve the Black community while also addressing the needs of people from racial and ethnic minority groups, those living in rural areas and medical deserts, and other communities that are underserved by/with limited access to specific services/resources.

Omatola has over 16 years of experience developing and managing successful public health programs with a health equity focus that increased awareness and improved population health in diverse communities in collaboration with non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, coalitions, local, state, and federal government agencies.  Before joining Komen, Omatola held multiple increasing responsibilities and public health leadership roles in Chronic Disease Prevention and Infectious Disease Prevention. Omatola has gained success in securing millions in funding from the federal, state, and local government to address health inequities that contribute to the health disparities in chronic and infectious diseases;   Gained success in leading and implementing the 1st Free Men’s Health and Wellness Clinic to increase access to care and address chronic disease inequities in men; Co-author abstracts for publication and presentation for the American Public Health Association and the Georgia Public Health Association; Lead the planning, development, and execution of more than 20 public health programs to address policies, systems, and environmental challenges.

Omatola has a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and working across the organization to help achieve health equity. Achieving health equity is a key priority for Komen. This work is reflected in every aspect of mission delivery, including education, patient care services, workforce development, research, and public policy.

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"Black women are not treated fairly in the healthcare system."


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