Peter  Kowey, MD

Peter Kowey, MD

Main Line Health

William Wikoff Smith Chair in Cardiovascular Research

Expertise: Atrial FibrillationCardiology

Dr. Peter Kowey is one of the nation's preeminent experts in treating arrhythmia. He is a professor of medicine and clinical pharmacology at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University, the William Wikoff Smith Chair in Cardiovascular Research for Main Line Health and a professor for the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (part of Main Line Health). He was System Chief, Cardiovascular Diseases, Main Line Health from 1999-2016. 

“Although there have been important advances in anticoagulation treatment in the last 60 years, there remains a need for new agents that protect patients from having a stroke while offering a lower risk of bleeding than currently available anticoagulants.

“Safety is the principle that guides the selection and use of every single antiarrhythmic drug in clinical practice. Vernakalant will absolutely be no different.”


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Ablation is safe and effective in treating atrial fibrillation, research guided by Main Line Health expert shows

Researchers guided by Main Line Health's Peter Kowey, MD, one of the nation’s preeminent experts in treating arrhythmia, have delivered the most powerful evidence to date that ablation is safe and effective in treating atrial fibrillation.
08-Mar-2023 10:00:21 AM EST

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