Raymond  Schuck, Ph.D.

Raymond Schuck, Ph.D.

Bowling Green State University

Associate Professor of Communication

Expertise: American PieDon McLeanPop Culture

Dr. Raymond Shuck is an associate professor of communication at Bowling Green State University Firelands in Huron, Ohio. His research focuses on the intersections of culture and communication and the critical and rhetorical analysis of various forms of popular culture. Most notably, Shuck and his father, a history professor, have explored the intricacies of the popular ballad “American Pie” and its role as a parable of troubled times. The duo published a book in 2012 titled “Do You Believe in Rock and Roll,” a collection of eight scholarly essays that serves as a creative dissection and exploration of rocker Don McLean's cryptic lyrics. Schuck holds a Ph.D. in Communication from Arizona State University.

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