Regina  Lawrence, PhD

Regina Lawrence, PhD

University of Oregon

Associate Dean, School of Journalism and Communication, Portland; Research Director, Agora Journalism Center

Expertise: Civic Engagementvoting behaviorPolitical Communication ExpertJournalism InnovationLocal News

Regina Lawrence is a nationally recognized academic expert in civic engagement, journalism innovation, political communication and gender and politics. Her latest report which she co-authored, "Assessing Oregon’s Local News & Information Ecosystem 2022," focuses on the role of local news in the civic health of communities. Lawrence is associate dean of the School of Journalism and Communication in Portland and research director for the Agora Journalism Center. Regina wrote a book about Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. She is currently the editor of the journal Political Communication. She can also speak to how candidates and reporters use social media as well as the current controversies over police use of force.

"We need new ways of talking to the people in our lives that we care about in ways that might help them be less susceptible to disinformation."

"There's been a pattern throughout this midterm season of treating each Republican race as a referendum on Trump's continuing influence. That's not without some good reason—he IS the biggest figure by far, still, in the Republican party."

“Reporters’ whole method of covering war is different in the Russian-Ukraine conflict because the U.S. is not an active participant,” she continued. “The U.S. government has no say in how journalists cover this, and that means there’s a certain kind of op


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