Sarah Toulouse is an experienced corporate, nonprofit and foundation leader with a passion for connecting people and building partnerships. Having worked in both corporate and nonprofit roles, Sarah has a distinct perspective of the way the two worlds collide and believes strongly in the power of coordinated community collaboration. Specializing in nonprofit management, corporate social responsibility, corporate philanthropy, community relations and employee engagement, Sarah is uniquely positioned to convene partners and harness creative solutions. 

Sarah joined the nationally recognized nonprofit ASSET Inc. in 2019 at a time of organizational transformation. As executive director she leads with purpose and vision, challenges boundaries of traditional thinking, and forges new opportunities to achieve student success through excellence in teaching.  

Prior to ASSET, Sarah was head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Executive Director of the Bayer USA Foundation, where she restructured Bayer’s giving model across the United States, fostered innovative nonprofit partnerships with organizations, and spearheaded an employee volunteerism program.
She also led Bayer’s national Presidential award-winning Making Science Make Sense initiative to promote science literacy and STEM education. She has engaged in partnerships and programs with national education organizations, including the U.S. Department of Education, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, National Science Teachers Association, Achieve (now NextGenScience), Lawrence Hall of Science, STEM Leadership Alliance, and many more. Her vision and thought leadership have resulted in the creation of innovative strategies to advance access to STEM education in the United States.

Sarah's journey to leadership roles was built upon a strong foundation of years of working in Corporate Communications for a global company. Having a big-picture view across businesses and functions solidified Sarah's philosophy that communication, relationships and cross-functional collaboration are the cornerstones of innovative success.

Sarah graduated from Duquesne University with bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Political Science, as well as a master’s degree in Communications. 

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