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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Embargoes Work

Newswise presents evidence based on quantitative data that embargoes enhance news coverage. Journalists like and use embargoed news. In our experience, embargoes serve as an icon for newsworthy releases.

Newswise has collected data over the last thirteen months on research stories for which we collected clips. We compared those posted under embargo, and those without embargo by counting the number of news media clips, which is the most significant outcome metric of journalists’ interest in reporting the news. Our results show that embargoed research news releases were used by journalists more consistently than news without embargo and at an increase of almost fifty percent.



There are diverse opinions about embargoes. Some people believe embargoes are a mechanism for power brokers to maintain power. Others favor them because they give journalists an equal opportunity to review the research and write the story.

The use of the embargo has a number of issues, but when used correctly, embargoes are an effective tool to distribute news. Embargoes should be used appropriately to maintain integrity and credibility, and Newswise encourages embargoes be used for research news appearing in publications or presented at science meetings, not for other purposes.

Newswise has proven it is a trusted source for those who use and submit embargoed news. Reporters traditionally and consistently honor the embargo. Our format makes it obvious when a story is under embargo, and when reporters register for a press pass, they agree to honor embargoes. Over the last 20 years and thousands of embargoes releases, embargoed releases on Newswise have only been broken a handful of times, and they have been handled with the reporters.



Posted by Roger Johnson on 06/12/13 at 02:32 PM


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