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Release date: 16-Jul-2024 12:00 PM EDT
Expert Available: Project 2025: A Conservative Blueprint Stirring Controversy During RNC
George Washington University

A proposed Republican Party platform is set for approval at the upcoming national convention, but Project 2025 is drawing significant attention.  ...

Release date: 16-Jul-2024 12:00 PM EDT
The Challenges & Opportunities of Creating Policy in the New Age of Evolving Technology
George Washington University

One GW professor says technology at the intersection of economic, security, and sustainability imperatives create both challenges and opportunities in creating effective policies moving forward.  ...

Release date: 16-Jul-2024 11:05 AM EDT
A new material for small electronics that gives batteries longer life
Ohio State University

Scientists have achieved a series of milestones in growing a high-quality thin film conductor, suggesting in a new study that the material is a promising candidate platform for future wearable electronics and other miniature applications.

Newswise: Rick%202022.jpg
Released: 16-Jul-2024 9:05 AM EDT
Researchers Find That Frogs Can Quickly Increase Their Tolerance to Pesticides
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

Although there is a large body of research on pests evolving tolerances for the pesticides meant to destroy them, there have been considerably fewer studies on how non-target animals in these ecosystems may do the same.

Newswise: Telescope Tag-Team Discovers Galactic Cluster’s Bizarre Secrets
Released: 16-Jul-2024 9:05 AM EDT
Telescope Tag-Team Discovers Galactic Cluster’s Bizarre Secrets
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Towards the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, in the constellation Sagittarius, astronomers have discovered  10 monstrous neutron stars. Astronomers already knew that 39 pulsars call Terzan 5 home.

Released: 16-Jul-2024 8:05 AM EDT
Farming under the influence?
University of Georgia

A new University of Georgia study reveals that one in five U.S. farmers report binge drinking when they experience high levels of stress. The paper underlines the link between farmers using alcohol to cope with stress. Farming is a uniquely stressful vocation. Farmers work long hours performing labor-intensive, repetitive and often dangerous tasks.

Released: 16-Jul-2024 7:05 AM EDT
Opioid Crisis Escalates in Appalachia: Rural Areas Hit Hardest, Study Finds
The Rothman Orthopaedic Institute Foundation for Opioid Research and Education

A recent study reveals a troubling surge in opioid-related deaths across the Appalachian region, with rural areas suffering the highest rates.

Released: 16-Jul-2024 6:05 AM EDT
Ruled by robots: Research reveals people prefer AI to make decisions
University of Portsmouth

A new study has revealed that people prefer Artificial Intelligence (AI) over humans when it comes to redistributive decisions.

Newswise: Ground surface conditions impact speed and distance of leaking natural gas
Released: 16-Jul-2024 6:05 AM EDT
Ground surface conditions impact speed and distance of leaking natural gas
Southern Methodist University

When natural gas leaks from a subsurface pipeline, a ground cover of water/snow saturation, asphalt paving or a combination of these can cause the gas to migrate away from the leak site up to three to four times farther than through dry soil, a new study has found.

15-Jul-2024 12:05 PM EDT
Early detection of miRNAs in maternal blood may offer the potential for predicting preeclampsia
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences

A new study by researchers at UCLA Health finds that early detection of specific microRNAs (miRNAs) packaged in vesicles may offer the opportunity to predict preeclampsia in pregnant people before clinical symptoms manifest.