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CROWN Conference: Can Public Policy End Hair Discrimination?

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy will host the CROWN Conference: Can Public Policy End Hair Discrimination to discuss a New Jersey bill known as the CROWN Act (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Naturals). The bill would protect people’s right to wear natural hairstyles, such as Afros, braids, twists or and locs, which are often worn by African-Americans.

Channels: Civil Liberties, Government/Law,

23-Jan-2020 9:00 AM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Stepping Up and Standing Out

American University

Women of all ages and political affiliations — particularly millennials and women of color—have become more politically engaged since 2016, according to a new online survey released by Gender on the Ballot, a partnership between the Women & Politics Institute at American University’s School of Public Affairs and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation.

Channels: Civil Liberties, Government/Law, Race and Ethnicity, Women in Business, U.S. Elections News, U.S. Politics,

22-Jan-2020 11:05 AM EST
Higher Education Event

Law and Public Policy

Decline in Late Stage Cancer Diagnoses After Health Reform Law

Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh

Advanced stage cancer diagnoses declined following health insurance expansion in Massachusetts, likely due to increased access to screening and diagnostic services that identified cancers earlier, according to new research.

Channels: All Journal News, Cancer, Government/Law, Public Health, U.S. Politics, Grant Funded News,

22-Jan-2020 9:00 AM EST
Research Results

Law and Public Policy

Newswise: Mentoring Madness Impacts Record 3,000 Students Across Adirondacks

Mentoring Madness Impacts Record 3,000 Students Across Adirondacks

CFES Brilliant Pathways

The largest single-day mentoring event in the history of the Adirondacks saw over 100 volunteers from area colleges, hospitals, businesses and law enforcement travel to schools to share their own stories and offer career advice to thousands of young people

Channels: Back to School, Business Ethics, Education, Government/Law, Healthcare, In the Workplace,

21-Jan-2020 6:15 PM EST
Expert Pitch


Newswise: Students, Iowa State police join forces to design new police gear

Students, Iowa State police join forces to design new police gear

Iowa State University

Iowa State University industrial design students are collaborating with the ISU Police Department to examine the issues police officers face with their uniforms, gear and vehicles – and what designers can do to help solve those problems.

Channels: Education, Government/Law, In the Workplace, Materials Science,

21-Jan-2020 3:05 PM EST
Expert Pitch

Arts and Humanities

Study takes on e-cigarette warning ‘paradox’

Cornell University

As controversy swirls around the vaping industry, a team of Cornell researchers has set out to help regulators identify the most effective health warnings to include in advertisements for electronic cigarettes.

Channels: Children's Health, Government/Law, Public Health, Smoking, Technology, National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH), All Journal News,

21-Jan-2020 3:05 PM EST