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Newswise: $25 Million Project Will Advance DNA-Based Archival Data Storage

$25 Million Project Will Advance DNA-Based Archival Data Storage

Georgia Institute of Technology

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity’s (IARPA) Molecular Information Storage (MIST) program has awarded a multi-phase contract worth up to $25 million to develop scalable DNA-based molecular storage techniques. The goal of the project is to use DNA as the basis for deployable storage technologies that can eventually scale into the exabyte regime and beyond with reduced physical footprint, power and cost requirements.

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16-Jan-2020 10:50 AM EST
Newswise: Blood Stem Cell Research

Blood Stem Cell Research

University of Delaware

A nanoparticle carrier system that could eliminate the need for bone marrow transplants, which are both expensive and difficult for patients to undergo. The University of Delaware's Emily Day, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering, is developing a platform that could treat stem cells directly without the need to remove them from the body.

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15-Jan-2020 2:05 PM EST
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Machine keeps human livers alive for one week outside of the body

University of Zurich

Researchers from the University Hospital Zurich, ETH Zurich, Wyss Zurich and the University of Zurich have developed a machine that repairs injured human livers and keeps them alive outside the body for one week.

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13-Jan-2020 1:15 PM EST

Department of Energy to Provide $75 Million for Bioenergy Crops Research

Department of Energy, Office of Science

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a plan to provide up to $75 million over five years for research to develop sustainable bioenergy crops tolerant of environmental stress and resilient to changing environmental conditions.

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13-Jan-2020 10:50 AM EST
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The Wild World of Microbe-Made Products – Skis Now Included

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Biomanufacturing – harnessing biological processes in cells and microbes to design and manufacture products – is revolutionizing how we make everything from futuristic consumer goods to sustainable fuels to breakthrough medicines. Every biomanufactured product can be traced back to discoveries in the lab, but translating that science into a real-world product can be tricky. Berkeley Lab helps move great ideas, like outdoor gear made from algae oil, from conception to commercialization.

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9-Jan-2020 2:00 PM EST

Medical device engineer developing innovative biomaterial for improved treatment of cerebral aneurysms

Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University researcher Tim Becker hopes the new material can plug a ballooning aneurysm, help tissue to regrow over the material and heal the blood vessel itself, which should improve patient outcomes.

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8-Jan-2020 6:40 PM EST
Newswise: Aspirin-Like Compounds Could Treat Numerous Human Diseases

Aspirin-Like Compounds Could Treat Numerous Human Diseases

Boyce Thompson Institute

Boyce Thompson Institute researchers discover 95 potential new human protein targets for salicylate compounds and provide a roadmap for future drug development against dozens of diseases.

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17-Dec-2019 1:20 PM EST
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Millions with swallowing problems could be helped through new wearable device

Purdue University

A wearable monitoring device to make treatments easier and more affordable for the millions of people with swallowing disorders is about to be released into the market.

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17-Dec-2019 10:05 AM EST
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Newswise: New way to make biomedical devices from silk yields better products with tunable qualities
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    16-Dec-2019 11:00 AM EST

New way to make biomedical devices from silk yields better products with tunable qualities

Tufts University

Researchers have developed a more efficient fabrication method for silk that allows them mold the material like plastic into solid forms for a wide range of applications, including medical devices. The properties of the end products can be “tuned”, and modified with bioactive molecules, such as antibiotics and enzymes.

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10-Dec-2019 11:30 AM EST
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Vietnamese Investors Back Novel Point-of-Care Technology for Rapid Detection of Pathogens

Hememics Biotechnologies Inc.

Hememics Biotechnologies Inc., ("Hememics" or the "Company") announced that AMVI Partners, a consortium of high net worth Vietnamese investors, has invested $2.5 million into Hememics. The company will use the funds to initiate clinical research for supporting a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submission of a novel point-of-care technology for detection of pathogens in under a minute.

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11-Dec-2019 12:10 PM EST
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