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Friday, May 29, 2015

Newswise and the World Federation of Science Journalists: A New Partnership

Newswise is excited to announce our new collaboration and partnership with the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ). Together, we will work to promote WFSJ projects, events, conferences, and more for the benefit of science journalists and science journalism.

Recently, WFSJ hosted three live webinars for journalists, which covered lessons learned and the outlook on Ebola. Journalists were able to attend for free, and virtually, via Newswise Live, our online news conference service. Please visit WFSJ’s website to watch these videos.

WFSJ will be hosting the following upcoming events (dates TBD):

Training Journalists - The goal of this communications and training program for local, non-specialized African journalists is to strengthen mass media campaigns and counteract the misinformation on Ebola Virus Disease and other infectious diseases transmission and control.

Hepatitis - Global Media Education Initiative - The WFSJ is launching a viral Hepatitis media education initiative to provide journalists around the world with the appropriate tools, data sets, and education to accurately cover the viral Hepatis story.

Ebola - Online Course for Journalists - The aim of this course is to raise journalists’ awareness on Ebola, but also to enable them to grasp public health and community wellbeing issues. WFSJ wants to ensure accessible delivery so that journalists can engage across a variety of contexts and countries.

For more information about WFSJ, please visit their website at

Posted by Jessica Johnson Papaspyridis on 05/29/15 at 02:34 PM


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